Terms of Service

Liability and insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all our clients. Customers are wholly responsible for arranging their own insurance. The policy should provide adequate cover for medical expenses arising trough illness or accident during the excursion, including evacuation and repatriation in an emergency.

By making a booking with us, the client declares to be aware of certain inherent risks due to an adventurous excursion. Without limitation, Rio by Tours is not responsible for any injury, or death. Clients shall not hold Rio by Tours responsible for any injury, death, or damage resulting from unforeseen complications such as accidents, natural disasters, local conditions, or criminal activities.

Fitness of client

The clients declares that he or she is not suffering from any physical illness or disability that could create a hazard to him of herself or other members of the group. If so, client should consult Rio by Tours in advance.

Rio by Tours reserves the right to decline to retain any person as a member of any party at any time if we feel that that person is mentally or physically incapable of continuing or that person hinders the operation of the tour. As a tour member the traveler is expected to exhibit considerate behavior toward other tour participants and respect the customs of the culture of the host country.